A novel series about the superpower of Automation and AI told by technology experts, writers, and graphic novel artists.


The Automators started their journey in November 2019 in Frankfurt a.M. with a focus on the banking industry. Thought leaders in the financial sector, technology companies, and startups shared their stories about how, with Automation and AI’s help, they drive forward their businesses. One evening, four companies-organizers, four speakers, eight partners, and 120 guests witnessed four talks mixed with 25 minutes of original animated graphic novel created especially for this evening. Everyone in the room was part of this novel and part of the story told by experts and artists.

The Automators revive and continue their journey at an onsite-event, this year focusing on stories for chemical and pharmaceutical industries told through a prism of Intelligent Automation and AI.

An onsite event will take place in Cologne starting at 6 p.m. on October 27, 2021.

Automators /ˈɔ:təmeɪtərs/ technocrats and frontrunners who accelerate technological progress for the greater good with the help of Automation and Artificial Intelligence.


18:00 Doors open, socializing with drinks and snacks

19:00 – 20:40 Main program:


Introduction of partners

Talks mixed with public viewing of  the graphic novel series


SIMPLify R&D – How to transform images in data insights

AI & Sustainability – a promising combo for the future

Digital Butler – „the next big thing”

Carbon Intelligence meets Silicon Intelligence

20:40 – 23:00 Networking with drinks and finger-food

Thank you for coming and participating at our event!



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